Welcome to Putlocker.vg, we are a fully re-designed, simpler yet faster version of the former Putlocker. We have a large index of movies and TV-shows at your disposal being processed by our official Putlocker database.

Our servers are working around the clock to allow you to take advantage of our alternative Put Locker so that you don't have to pay a dime to watch free movies and tv-shows online. It is our belief that you should be able to watch hd Putlocker videos without having to spend your hard earned money or hit up the local theatre.

With our multiple official Putlocker alternative databases, expect to get a wide range of selection in titles without signing up. We always strive to make sure there are no dead links and to be providing the best quality videos at time of release.

The old Put locker had been famed to be one of the greatest streaming sites and we want to revive the community that made it all happen. We believe that in order to have a great experience, you must strive for HD streaming and fast loading speeds. We are doing all that we can to provide the best experience possible to make that happen.


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Welcome to Putlocker, your number one platform for streaming all international TV shows, movies, and series. Since 2012, we have been receiving thousands of visitors every day. If you are fond of searching free TV shows and movies online, you can also attest that you've ever come across Putlocker. At Putlocker, we have been offering a variety of award-winning contents, including films, TV shows, documentaries, animation, which has actually geared to our popularity. That said, we boast offering top-notch all-in-one content that is hard to find in other online streaming platforms. 

Who we are

We are the number one online streaming service provider globally, offering various award-winning content, including movies, documentaries, TV shows, and anime, among others. Having launched our platform in 2011, we can openly say that the journey hasn't been that smooth despite receiving up to 1.6 million visitors per day. The challenge is that our website isn't accessible in some countries due to the sharing of content without the owners' consent. This is commonly referred to as copyright, which is a piracy threat. The good news is that despite the challenge, we've managed to run our platform secretly to ensure that our visitors get entertained whatsoever.  

What we offer

Since 2011, we have been offering a great selection of TV shows, movies, and series for free. We also have a vast collection of old series and movies in our store, fantastic for every viewer. We also offer an option where the viewer can decide to watch our content online or download them. We do not entertain piracy due to the respect we have for actors, producers, and directors. Our platform offers content for information, which are categorized on the following basis.

Our popular movies 

Our popular TV series 

Our popular free anime

Why consider our platform 

At Putlocker, we boast offering a wide selection of free movies, series, and TV shows. The reason for providing our visitors the best is to ensure that they have a delightful experience. You only need to type the title of the content you want to download or watch and press the search button.

At Putlocker, we understand that having a platform where everyone can access easily plays a vital role. After visiting our website, we will not ask you to sign up. You will find a search button when you type the name of the movie or series, and that is all. 

At Putlocker, we use a recommendation algorithm that helps compute data and record them to evaluate the visitor's preference. We can know the relevant movies and series for you based on the ratings and preferences through this system. This system also adds to the convenience due to many great movies available under the radar. 

At Putlocker, we understand that many individuals worldwide spend most of their time online searching for free movies. Thus, we offer a wide selection of movies, TV shows, and series for free. This way, we have managed to attract hundreds and thousands of individuals visiting our sites daily for quality content. 

One of the best reasons you should consider using our platform is that you have an option of streaming online or just download the content for later use. This means that after downloading, you will have access to that content anytime you want to watch. 

Being accessed by lots of people across the world, our platform boasts of offering the content quickly. Unlike other slow platforms, we don't face such issues. In fact, lots of our visitors recommend our site as being super fast and responsive when downloading or streaming content online. 

You all can attest that not all websites offering free streaming of content can be ideal for everyone. At Putlocker, we value everyone, including your kids. This means that we don't offer sensitive material that is not appropriate for children. However, if you find a particular movie not ideal for your children, you can consider blocking them. 

How our platform works

Our platform works efficiently. You only need to visit our website, and from the search section, type the title of the movie you are interested in. From there, you can either decide to watch online or download it to watch offline. In case our platform isn't accessible in your country, like in the USA and the United Kingdom, you can consider using our proxy sites already available on the internet. 

How to access our website safely

To access our website securely, you only need to take manageable precautions like;

This refers to a virtual private network, which is basically used for safe internet surfing. Using a VPN implies that your online task is rerouted via a single or even more proxy servers. The main reason to consider using a VPN is that your IP address is hidden from snoops and authorities. 

It is always important to be safe from malware. Thus, we recommend installing trusted anti-virus software to run in the background when using Putlocker. 

Final thought 

If you have been struggling to find the best free streaming platform to watch your favorite cartoon, movies, TV shows, and series, it can be a wise decision to consider our platform. All our services are free and there are no hidden charges as is the case with other platforms. Therefore, in case you need to watch the latest series, your favorite show, or an animation you have found somewhere else, then Putlocker has you covered for free.