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Overview:The series focuses on an eccentric motley crew that is the Smith family and their three housemates: Father, husband, and breadwinner Stan Smith; his better half housewife, Francine Smith; their college-aged daughter, Hayley Smith; and their high-school-aged son, Steve Smith. Outside of the Smith family, there are three additional main characters, including Hayley's boyfriend turned husband, Jeff Fischer; the family's man-in-a-goldfish-body pet, Klaus; and most notably the family's zany alien, Roger, who is "full of masquerades, brazenness, and shocking antics."


    Animation, Comedy


Name Release Date Episode Count
Specials 2012-05-06 11
Season 1 2005-02-06 7
Season 2 2005-09-11 16
Season 3 2006-09-10 19
Season 4 2007-09-30 16
Season 5 2008-09-28 20
Season 6 2009-09-27 18
Season 7 2010-10-03 19
Season 8 2011-09-25 18
Season 9 2012-09-30 19
Season 10 2013-09-29 20
Season 11 2014-09-14 3
Season 12 2014-10-20 15
Season 13 2016-01-25 22
Season 14 2016-11-07 23
Season 15 2018-02-12 21
Season 16 2019-04-15 20
Season 17 2020-04-13 17